I am your data guy but you can also call me Francis. WELCOME to my website.

I am passionate about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I have a working knowledge of Data Analytics and Machine Learning. I’m working towards providing data-driven, action-oriented solutions for businesses, and social impact.

My areas of interest are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Business Analytics.

With NLP, I can conduct Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modelling, Named Entity Recognition, Document Summarization and visualize relationships among entities using graph analytics. I also have experience in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using Tesseract and sparkOCR to extract text from PDFs, Scanned PDFs and Images.

My Business Analytics skills using Python, SQL, Excel, and visualization using Power BI or Tableau, are useful in performing data quality checks, aggregations, filtering, data visualization, customer analytics, and business intelligence to provide valuable insights. I’m able to analyze data from multiple sources.

My web scraping skills are also useful in building datasets from websites.

Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy reading the articles! Feel free to contact me at frankonyango.w@gmail.com