New Year 2019

When a New Year begins, some people write down goals and wishes for the year. Understandably, these are things they wish to accomplish before the year culminates. Oftentimes, there is an overwhelming hype to make resolutions for the year. Personally, I have not been making resolutions but I have always desired to accomplish some targets within the year. In this article, I look back at the year 2019 with excitement as I celebrate the milestones I have made in Data Science. I must say as we began the year, I began to sense a desire in my heart to grow in my data science and machine learning skills. As we climax the year, evidently, God has providentially allowed this to happen. I have grown, sharpened my skills and learnt many lessons along the way. I celebrate the milestones.

There has been an unending strive throughout the year to keep this desire alive. Within the busy schedules, I have committed myself to create time, learn and celebrate the little milestones which eventually have motivated me to keep pursuing my passion for Data Science. One of the challenges of being in a self-taught program is consistency; the lack of excitement thus considering quitting. In addition to that, there are those rollercoaster moments of excitement, a sense of fulfillment and at times a draining feeling of indifference.  All in all, training myself to be persistent and consistent has been one of my greatest points of focus in learning Data Science in 2019.

Acquired Skills

When the year began, I decided to get the basics of data science and then grow gradually in my quest for knowledge and mastery of the skills acquired. I, therefore, began by studying Structured Query Language (SQL) for Data Science. I needed to get a solid foundation on data storage, query, and manipulation in relational databases. I learnt how to use MySQL as a relational database management system. It was so exciting to learn and practice SQL.

In addition to that, with my basic python programming skills, I enrolled in Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp that enabled me better my python programming skills. This course was an eye-opener. In as much as it’s compressed, I have leveraged the skills I learnt in doing some machine learning projects in python.


Some of the projects I have engaged in include but not limited to the following;

  • USA Housing Price Prediction Challenge
  • Diabetes Prediction Challenge
  • Loan Prediction Challenge
  • Xente Fraud Detection Challenge
  • Big Mart sales Prediction Challenge
  • Web Scrapping

I have also been able to write a couple of articles for my blog Your Data Guy and have published my work on github. This has helped me to enhance my conceptualization of the various topics in Data Science. I hope that I will be able to write as many articles as possible in the coming year.


In 2019, I was also able to attend different meet ups to network and learn; no man is an island they say. I have also met friends both physically and online. This has been so refreshing. I am so grateful to have met such people. The community is vibrant!

Still Learning

I am currently enrolled in Data Science & Machine Learning in R offered by Udemy. I’m also grateful that I recently got Intel Edge AI Foundation Scholarship offered by Intel and Udacity focused on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. I hope to excel and get the Udacity Nanodegree program.

One of the books that have really been resourceful to me this year has been Machine Learning with Python Cookbook (Practical Solutions from Preprocessing to Deep Learning) by Chris Albon.


‘Consistent action creates consistent results.’ – Christine Kane

In a nutshell, 2019 has been a year of learning and discovery. I have come to appreciate the benefits of persistence and consistency, the pains of hard work, the joys of small beginnings and the cheers of achieving goals. As this year ends, I celebrate that my desire to be a seasoned Data Scientist is slowly and gradually taking shape. I am looking forward to a great year ahead. Stay motivated! Happy New Year 2020!